LP & CD Mastering

2° étage - Grey Matter

Adam Caine Trio - THOUSANDFOLD

Adam Lane Trio - Absolute Horizon

Amalgam - Prayer For Peace

Andrew Lamb - Rhapsody In Black

Arthur Williams - Forgiveness Suite

Atomic - Bikini Tapes

Atomic - Boom

B.Bang W.Parker - Medicine Buddha

B.Bradford F.Gjerstad Quartet - The Delaware River

B.Bradford, H.Modirzadeh, M.Dresser, A.Cline - Live at the Open Gate

Barry Guy - Five Fizzles

Bennet. Johnston. Mezzacappa. Rosaly - Shipwreck 4

Billy Bang Ensemble - New York Collage

C.A.Zingaro, J.L.Cappozo, J.Bourdellon, N.Lelievre - Live at Total Meeting

Connecticut Quartet - Songs of EarlyAutumn

Curtis Clark Trio - Taagi

D.Burrell S.Swell - Turning Point

D.Duval J.Halperin - Monk Dreams

D.Gonzalez Quartet - Songs of Early Autumn

D.Lazro J.F.Pauvros R.Turner - Curare

Daniel Blacksberg Trio - Bit Heads

Daniel Blacksberg Trio-Perilous Architecture

Daunik Lazro Joelle Leandre - Hasparren

Duval. Halperin.Willson - Music of John Coltrane

E.Cross,M.Ali, R.A.Akbar, I.Ackamoor - Ascent Of The Nether Creatures

E.Dean, P.Dunmall, P.Rogers, T.Bianco - Rememberence

E.Paker B.Guy P.Lytton - Live at Maya Recordings

Fabric Trio - Mumurs

Fail Better! - OWT

Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden - Frictions Frictions Now

G.De Domenico, P.Jacquemyn, Ch.Corsano - A Little Off The Top

G.Lenoci K.Carter B.Elgart - Plaything

Harris Eisenstadt - Woodblock Prints

Hasler.Paeffgen .Berger

Heberer. Badenhorst. Niggenkemper. Heberer - Klippe One

Howard Riley - 10.11.12

Howard Riley - Live With Repertoire

Howard Riley - The Complete Short Stories 1998-2010

J.Ajemian, T.MalabyR.Mazurek, Ch.Taylor - A Way A Land of Life

J.Hemphill _ P.Kowald - Live at Kassiopeia

J.L.Cappozzo D.Lasserre - Ceremony's A Name For The Rich Horn

J.Leandre _ I.Cooke - Journey

J.Lindberg A.Eraslan - Juggling Kukla

J.McPhee _ M.Zerang - Creole Gardens (A New Orleans Suite)

J.P.Carletti, T.Malaby, Ch.Hoffman - Nino.Brujo

J.Tchicai, Ch.Kohlhase, G.Fewell, C.Mcbee, B.Hart - Tribal Ghost

Jason Roebke Octet - Cinema Spiral

Jemeel Moondoc - Muntu Recordings

Joe Morris - Sensor

John Carter - Echoes from Rudolph’s

K.Berger K.Knuffke - Moon

K.Jordan A.Fielder P.Kowald - Trio And Duo in New Orleans

K.Jordan A.Fielder P.Kowald - Trio Live in New Orleans


Kirk Knuffke Trio - Chew Your Food

L.Sanguedolce _ M.Bisio - Live at the Yippie

M.Johnson I.Laubrock M.Maneri T.Fujiwara - The Prisoner

M.Kuchen J.Berthling S.Noeble - Night in Europe

M.Kuchen J.R.Strom T.Ostvang - Melted Snow

M.Lerner K.Filiano L.Grassi - Live at Edgefest

M.Trzaska O.Brice M.Sanders - Riverloam Trio


N.Trzaska D.Hoff M.Zerang - Sleepless In Chicago

N.Wooley C.Weber P.Lytton - Six Feet Under

N.Wooley H.Antunes C.Corsano - MALUS

Narada Burton Greene - Live at Kerrytown House

Nobuyasu Furuya Quintet - The Major

Note Lithuania - Folk

Note Lithuania - Jazz

P.Hubweber, F.P.Schubert, A.Von Schlippenbach, C.Thomas, W.Kellers - Intricacies

Peter Kuhn - No Coming,No Going

Purple Patio

RED Trio - Rebento

RED trio _ M.Stahl - Noth and the Red Stream

RED trio + John Butcher - Empire

Rodrigo Amado Trio - Live In Lisbon

Rodrigo Amado Trio - The Freedom Principle

ROIL - Raft of the Meadows

S.Keune D.Lash S Noble - Fractions

S.MEZEI, P.BEDE, E.HOCK, G.SZABУ -February Fadontes

Sudo Quartet - Live at Banlieue Bleue

Szilard Mezei Tubass Quintet - Canons - 2nd Hoisting

T.Borgman, W.Morris, R.Nicholson - Nasty _ Sweet

T.McManus, M.Helias, G.Hemingway - Transcendental Numbers

Ted Daniel’s Energy Module - Innerconnection

The Convergence Quartet - Owl Jacket

The Convergence Quartet - Slow And Steady

The Group - LIVE

The Nu Band - Live in Paris

Thomas. Sirone.Wimberly - Beneath Tones Floor

V.Golia, M.Eneidi, L.Mezzacappa, V.Anderson - Hell-Bent in the Pacific

Vladimir Tarasov - Thinking of Khlebnikov

W.Hooker _ T.Chapin - Crossing Points

W.Hooker L.Mockunas - Live at Vilnius Jazz Festival

W.Hooker Quintet - Channels of Consciounsess

Warner Freeman Spigner - Freestyle Band

William Hooker - Earth’s Orbit

William Parker - Centering

YAPP - Symbolic Heads

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